CNC machinery for sale

The trend of getting CNC machinery for sale has been increasing due to the accuracy level that it offers. Furthermore, it ensures a reliable quality of products, no matter how large the quantity is. However, you need to make sure that certain factors are on point if you want to achieve the level of accuracy everyone brags about.

Here is the list of three factors that will affect the accuracy of a CNC machine during its processing.

Position Errors in Machine’s Parts

This error refers to the diversion of machine parts from their actual position and the axis rotation in comparison to the correct placement. When the processing is in an open-loop system, the effect of this error will be huge on the machine’s accuracy. On contrary, in the closed-loop system, the effect will depend on the precision of the displacement detection device and the coefficient of system amplification. Therefore, we can say the general affect will not be big in the working of the CNC milling machine.

Geometrical Errors

The fixtures and tools of a CNC machine are affected by external aspects. With the heat cutting, there will be a drastic impact on the volumetric accuracy of the machine. However, geometrical errors can also happen due to internal factors of the machine. For instance, the horizontal degree of the workbench surface or the geometric accuracy of the machine tool can cause an error. On the other hand, the external factors that impacts precision are the environment and the heat generated during the process.

Positioning Errors

This factor greatly influences the precision of machine parts. The feed system of the machine tool is the primary reason for this kind of error. Now, the system comprises of two systems i.e. mechanical transmission system and electric control system. The prior part, according to CNC machine shops in Georgia is the cause of creating the error.

Due to the complexity of the open-loop system, it is harder to monitor the positioning. Therefore, the impact on the precision will be affected greatly. On the other hand, in a closed-loop system, you can use the detecting device to catch any deviation in the main components. Hence, reducing the error’s effect in the process.

How Can You Improve The Accuracy Of CNC Machinery For Sale?

Control original error

According to Flint Machine, there is an unavoidable error between the CNC machine tools and the machining parts, which is called the original error. Therefore, if you control that, the accuracy of the machine will improve drastically. However, you’ll first need to recognize the error to find an appropriate countermeasure. For instance,

  • If there is a position or geometric error, try to control the factors to minimize the effect of the diversion.
  • Similarly, by air and water cooling, you can minimize the thermal deformation of the process.
  • Furthermore, select the tools and fixtures carefully to reduce position error.

These are the three errors you have to look out for while getting CNC machinery for sale. Ignoring them during the process will bring down the accuracy and quality of the final product. Consequently, affecting the business. Make sure to consult an expert, so these problems do not occur in your manufacturing process.