septic tank cleaning

If you have a septic tank at your property, this blog is for you. Septic tanks are capable of holding gallons of different waste materials. It comes in different sizes and is installed and emptied with professional help. When you install a septic tank on your property, it gets connected to the main home via the main plumbing line. Since the tank holds a lot of waste water together, it is necessary to clean your septic tank.

Now, in the past few years, the health service department of Ireland has noticed a decrease in septic tank maintenance. If you are a property owner, in two minds about installing and emptying a septic tank, it is time to think the right way. You have to understand that septic tank cleaning is essential for the hygiene of your property and surroundings. Of course, there are a lot of terrible repercussions if you don’t clean this tank.

Want to know more? Well, before going into the repercussion of ‘not’ cleaning a septic tank, let me discuss how the tank works for better understanding.

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

Since the tank comes in different sizes like 1000 gallons, 1200 gallons, 1500 gallons and so many more, it is capable of holding a ‘huge’ amount of waste. Once you install a septic tank on your property, the waste that enters the tank gets divided. It is divided into three layers- solid (at the bottom layer), clean water(in the middle layer), and other fats, oils, and grease( at the top-most level).

Now, you will notice that there is a pipe at the top-most layer of the tank. This pipe leads all the water collected in the septic tank to the end of the drain field. From this drain field, the waste reaches the soil. This soil filters the water so that contamination is prevented. No groundwater is polluted when the soil filters the waste.

This is how the septic tanks work. Now, that you know the functioning, it is easy for you to understand what happens if you don’t clean the septic tank. To know about the repercussions, read underneath.

septic tank cleaning

What Happens if the Septic Tank is Uncleaned?

Slow Drains

From the abovementioned information, you understand how ‘huge’ a waste the tank collects. Now, if you don’t do septic tank cleaning through a professional, the sewerage waste will pile up. Once that happens, the additional waste that gets released from your property will start clogging the drainage system. Why does this happen? Since the tank is full, there is no more room for extra storage of waste. The drains will start filling up and naturally result in clogging. The more the drain clogs, the more damage you will have to face. Needless to say, in hopes of saving money in emptying septic tanks, you will end up paying more.

 Sewer Backup

Along with slow drains you can expect a sewer backup when a septic tank gets full. In case you have not been pumping your septic tank for a long time, the backup waste starts to pile up. This sort of back up commonly seen in commercial kitchens, household kitchens, and ship kitchens where people leave the septic tank to fill up until the worst happens. The additional waste has nowhere to go because the tank isn’t clean, so it spills out of the drains. If you have been noticing slow drainage in your kitchens, it is time to call for a septic tank cleaner.

Here’s what happens when you don’t clean them-

  • Your house/ restaurant spaces will get contaminated due to the sewer backup.
  • There will be a strong release of bad odor wherever the backup has spilled. In the case of a commercial kitchen, it might lead to a decrease in customers.
  • Germs present in the tank can harm the health of residents in your home. Especially small children get severely affected with infection.
  • There can be a trigger of mold growth in your home/establishment due to the germs present in the air.

In addition to all these troubles, you won’t be able to use your plumbing system properly. For example- If you want to use your bathtub on a hot day out, the sewer backup will ensure that there is dirty water filling up your tub. Not very dip-worthy is it!

Damage in the Entire System

If you fail to pump your septic system, it will cause mechanical damage to the entire septic unit of your property. For example, if you continue piling on waste without emptying it, the tank will give up. It will create pressure in the inlet and outlet pipes. If the pressure becomes too much, the pipes will crack. Fixing these pipes will dent your pockets. So, it is better to call a licensed and experienced professional septic tank cleaning Ireland company to empty your tank after regular intervals.

Environmental Hazards

Well, truth be told you are the only one who will suffer if you don’t do cleaning. Unemptied waste will pollute the entire drain field. It will also contaminate anything that it comes in contact with. Some wastes may go and directly mix in groundwater. To avoid all these kinds of environmental hazards, search with ‘septic tank cleaning near me’ on Google and choose the company with great reviews to pump out the waste.

Bad Odor

Who likes to live around foul smells! Well, if you keep your septic system uncleaned, it will result in bad smell. And I mean really bad. Imagine months and months of waste piling! If you are disgusted with the image in your drain, avoid making it a reality! Call for help after a regular interval so that only a good smell hits your senses!

If you ask me, septic tanks should be cleaned every one to two years. Of course, it all depends upon the size of the tank that you got for the property. Among others, Greaseco is a great choice! However, you can choose any professional company you like. But remember, to clean it. So that you don’t have to deal with all these repercussions!