You might have closed shelves in the kitchen, but have you thought about installing open ones? The trend has changed. Now you won’t see people installing closed shelves, because open shelves for kitchens have replaced them. The open shelves of the kitchen are easily accessible and provide flexibility in removing and placing utensils. Shelves allow all the utensils like plates, bowls, spoons, forks, and knives to fit in. Many individuals use their creativity in arranging the kitchen utensils. They experiment by placing different utensils like bowls, plates, and spoons one above the other, and one below the other and come up with some innovative ideas of utensils placement. If you too are creative and would like to shape the vessels like this, then see the factors below.

Cheaper to install

The open shelves are cheaper to install and require minimum effort. Once you purchase it you can simply decide where to put the small-sized shelf or a big-sized shelf, keeping in mind which one you will use frequently. This is a pocket-friendly solution. You can instruct your designer to build it in the space you want, and color it the way you would like to see it.

More utilitarian

As mentioned above, open shelves offer flexibility. The open spaces allow people to quickly access the utensils, whenever or wherever they need them. Even in cases of emergency. You don’t have to put the effort into searching for the right shelf, as you will see all the utensils on the shelves.

Highlights your collection

You might have a collection of simple as well as beautiful cutlery. The open shelves in the kitchen will showcase it very nicely, which your guests may find amazing when they see it. You can also use your creativity in arranging the utensils. You can place the plates in an ascending or a descending manner, form a beautiful cluster of bowls, and arrange a line of colorful plates to give it some spark. Similarly, you can put the spoons and knife sets in a beautiful manner. You can also place vases, lamps, or lanterns in the shelves to add brightness to your cutlery. These are some of the open shelving kitchen ideas you can use to experiment with new things.

Uses wall space

The open shelves occupy the wall space. The walls just stand, while open shelves provide space for storage and occupy everything that can fit inside. The wall is just a plain vertical surface, while an open shelf is a design that enhances the look of the kitchen, allows to take and put back vessels very easily. The design also appeals to the guests. It steals their sight, and can make them say WOW!.

Its trending

If you are the one who keeps up with the trends in clothes, Tv shows, social media posts, shoes, and things that keep on evolving, then why not in the kitchen. Open shelving in the kitchen is today’s trend. People prefer installing it over closed shelves because of ease and comfort. It makes the kitchen prettier, and also a good place for a person to be in. The beautiful cutlery enhances the mood and allows the person to cook happily.

Collects dust

There are several advantages of installing open shelves in your kitchen. Unfortunately, it comes only with one disadvantage which is dust accumulation. Due to its open surface, the air ventilates easily and sometimes leaves dust behind. This can contaminate the outer surface. In order to maintain the texture and glow of your open shelves, you should clean it at least 2-3 times a week, to ensure it retains its shine and doesn’t ruin the ambiance of the kitchen. It is easy to maintain, as much as it is easy to use.

These are some of the considerations you should make before installing open shelves in your kitchen. The kitchen remodeling in Atlanta is durable and worth your investment so make sure to purchase a quality product. The looks are quite inviting, no guest would forget the view he will get in the kitchen due to the installation of the open shelves.