Installing Vinyl Semi Privacy Fencing from Duramax to Enjoy Seclusion

When you hear about vinyl fencing, the first thing that comes to mind is privacy. Fences have been there for ages, but with time it has gone through advancements, and now, fences are also used for serving decorative purposes.

Installing Vinyl Semi Privacy Fencing from Duramax to Enjoy Seclusion

So how do you choose a vinyl fence? There are so many types available. But is your primary requirement still privacy? Choose Duramax Fences. What sets Duramax Fences apart is that we have a range of semi privacy fencing that you can order based on your needs. If you live near a busy road, do you or your noisy neighbor want maximum privacy? If you answer yes, a semi-privacy fence is an ideal solution. Our privacy fence is very high, blocking the panoramic view of the outside world and giving a sense of separation. Many customers are interested in this type of fence, but if you feel that the tall fence is separated from the rest of the world, there is another solution. Have you heard about semi-private fences? This is Duramax’s invention for those who do not want to install a complete privacy fence. Semi-privacy fences obscure the view of the blue sky and are not high enough to sense the air coming in from the outside. Many customers have installed this fence around the property, and have been well received. We have learned that our customers love our semi-private fences. They ensure privacy and can feel relaxed and stay in the other world.

All-weather and heat resistant fences at your doorstep:

Duramax vinyl fences are used for beautification, but are you worried about the sunlight affecting the fences? Our vinyl fences are manufactured sturdy to withstand the Southwest sun. We use the DuraResin formulation that helps to protect the fences from the hot sun rays. In addition, the fences are made of over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which make the fences durable, give UV stability and withstand all weather conditions. Of course, you can choose your fence according to your requirements. However, if you cannot choose, we are here to offer a consultation.

Duramax never compromises quality

Quality is essential while shopping for vinyl fences; Duramax fences are robust and have a secure locking mechanism. All our fences are certified and checked for quality before delivering to the clients. Our fences are ASTM F964 certified, and it exceeds the quality compared to fences from other manufacturers. The fences can endure excessive pressure; the fences are resistant to fire, heat, storm, and cold weather. The vinyl fences do not crack even in freezing temperatures. The fences can also endure high-speed wind; our fences are tested for strength by blowing wind at a very high speed through the fences, about 105 mph.

No additional maintenance costs

Our vinyl fences take a few minutes to be cleaned, and you do not need to do that regularly. Our fences do not require any continuous maintenance. You can wipe or wash off the fences using a hose easily. Our fences offer immense beauty and superb performance. Once installed, our fences do not require repairs and replacement. Duramax fences are made in the USA inside our factory, making them affordable.

Vinyl fences available in a variety of colors

Duramax manufactures a variety of fences that are available in various colors, sizes, and heights. Our fences are very modern, and the colored ones look extremely vibrant and need no repainting. Also, we manufacture white color fences that are very trendy and in fashion. So, if you invest in our white color fences, you can be assured that our fences won’t turn yellow or fade away.


Duramax is designing vinyl fences made from the highest quality vinyl sheets. Our fences are beautiful and offer perfect security. Our vinyl fences are incredibly durable, and once installed, they can last for almost 25-30 years. We are now one of the most reliable vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. We manufacture various fences, including privacy fences, picket fences, semi-private fences, rail ranches, pool fences, etc. If you are looking for attractive fences, come to Duramax and explore our products. Currently, Duramax is offering free samples. Claim yours today