patio blinds

Purchasing the right outdoor shade blinds isn’t a piece of cake. It needs thorough consideration in deciding the suitable one. There are several types of materials used in outdoor shades that are available in the market. Most blinds are made using flexible materials like netting and fabric. These are great to use as patio covers, windscreens, sunscreens, and more.


The top-class fabric options that are widely available include,

Woven Fabrics

The woven fabrics come in a variety of options. From durable and expensive options like fiberglass or polythene to less expensive cotton or nylon, you can get anything suitable for yourself. In addition to these, dyed acrylic and polyester fabrics are also available in numerous designs and colors. It is a great way to complement your house décor with great outdoor shades.

Using woven fabric as a shade comes with various benefits. They have a tight weave that allows them to,

  • Be water-resistant
  • Block out 99% of the sun rays
  • Resist mildew and rot

They can also maintain their strength and color for about five years. The tighter woven fabric means less airflow. It allows it to block the cold breeze and trap the heat in the area. So if you want to get the UV-resistant and beautiful woven fabric as an outdoor shade, without trapping the heat, consider leaving the space within the spans.

Use these outdoor roller blinds with other outdoor cooling methods like fans for secure and comfortable shade in the harsh weather.

Shade Netting

They come in both knitted and woven form. It is great at covering and blocking the sun rays without blocking out the cold breeze. These outdoor shades have open weaves and knits that allows the air and heat to pass through them.

As the fabric has holes, it is not water-resistant. It will allow the rain to pass through. Similarly, with sun rays, it is not 100% UV protected. Even though the outdoor roll up shades has drawbacks, they still it is water-repellent. It will not store any water or moisture after the rain.

It is a perfect alternative to woven fabric and can last for years.

Knitted Mesh

The patio blinds made with this material are durable and well-knitted and can resist stretch, sagging, and tearing. Due to its high tensile strength, you can stretch it as far as you want without affecting its appearance. It is less expensive than the other options, and you can cut it with the help of scissors or a utility knife.

It provides UV protection that ranges from 30-90 percent. The higher the value is, the denser the material will be, but even then, it can let the airflow. Another advantage of getting this fabric is that it doesn’t rot quickly and can stand the heat without shrinking. It is manufactured using synthetic fiber, which is known to retain its strength and flexibility even after long exposure to the sun. This material can last up to 10 years.

Woven Shade Mesh

This fabric should be preferred by people who do not care about the appearance, UV-protection, or durability. It is mostly used for short-term agricultural applications. They are available at a much low price than the knitted fabric. Even, though it is not durable, still its price off-sets these drawbacks.

On the positive side, the UV protection with this fabric is the same as the knitted one and allows for comfortable airflow.

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