What Sets Crime Scene Cleanup Services Apart From Other Cleaning Services?

When you find out that your property was recently the site of a violent crime, it’s only a matter of time before you will have to face the task of cleaning the scene. There’s no need to wait until the police have collected evidence and no longer need to leave the scene intact; you can contact one of the local crime scene cleanup services and have them ready to move in as soon as the police move out. Will this type of service do more than a standard cleaning service? The answer is yes. Here are some of the ways that a service designed to clean crime scenes is different from the rest.

The Training Required

While both types of cleaning services do require training, the nature of what is expected from each one is different. With a crime scene cleanup service, the focus typically has to do with recognizing how to evaluate a site that may be need much deeper cleaning. To that end, technicians will learn a great deal about personal protection during cleanings, steps that must be followed at all times, and even how to inspect the site before and after the cleaning.

One of the key factors that crime scene cleaners take into account is determining what can be restored and what will have to be removed from the site. This is different from basic cleaning services where the focus is solely on cleaning and not on removal of any type of furnishing.

The Supplies and Equipment Used at Crime Scenes

With typical home cleaning services, the supplies and equipment are often familiar to the clients. That’s because they may be the same type of cleaning agents that the client already uses. In some cases, the service will use the products that the property owner has on hand.

That’s not the things work when a crime scene cleaning team is called to take care of a scene. A project of this type will call for cleaning products and equipment that’s designed for deeper cleaning. It’s highly unlikely that the typical homeowner has ever used the equipment or the products that the team brings to the scene.

The Ability to Remain Emotionally Detached From What’s Happened

Crime scenes tend to trigger deep emotions in people. That’s especially true with violent scenes. People who work for basic cleaning services don’t have to be concerned about that type of thing. Noting traumatic has happened that would trigger more than a possible disdain for the amount of clutter and grime that the client leaves in the home.

With those who work for crime scene cleanup services, being able to remain emotionally detached from the work is important. That’s because it’s possible to see quite a few extreme things at a crime scene. Remaining detached from the tasks at hand make it all the easier to get things done and be able to go home without carrying the emotional baggage that comes from being in that type of setting.

The Emphasis on Making Sure No Biohazards Remain at the Scene

With a typical cleaning service, the goal is to ensure that the space is spotless once the tasks are completed. There’s no dust, the bed linens are clean, the floors are mopped, and the carpeting is vacuumed. Even the tub and toilet are clean and sparkling.

Crime scene cleaners go beyond that and focus on making sure things are more than clean. It’s not unusual for sites to be sanitized and deodorized as well as cleaned. This is to ensure that no type of biological waste or matter remains. Doing so eliminates the possibility of someone being exposed to a biohazard in the coming weeks or months.

If your property is the site of a crime, now is not the time to call the professionals who help keep the house spotless. You need more intense cleaning than that type of service can provide. Contact a company that has experience with the cleaning and restoration of crime scenes, and it will be easier to move on from the unfortunate event.

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