easy girl drawing

Easy Girl Drawing Tutorials With Pencil Step by Step

Using this tutorial, you can also draw an anime or manga face and easy girl drawing with a bun, with long or short hair, simple, in pencil. We all love Japanese cartoons called anime and the artistic style in which the beloved characters are made. Therefore, you will learn how to make various anime characters. You will only need a pencil and sheets of paper. We will draw together anime girls or easy girl drawing with buns, short hair, tails but also anime boys. You will learn using the following tutorials that can also be found on our Youtube channel.

easy girl drawing

Pencil drawing tutorial – Anime girl with a bun

For any of these pencil drawings of easy girl drawing, start with a circle that you split in two. Starting from the outside of the circle, draw the line of the character’s face, cheeks, and chin. It may seem difficult, but using the following videos you will have enough information to make cartoons with anime. It may not work out at first, but with exercise, you will draw better and better easy girl drawing.

For this drawing, it is important to make the hair from several parts. One part will be the bangs, the side parts that are longer to give the impression of strands not caught in the bun and the bun at the top of the head. The shadows in the easy girl drawing are important to give volume to the drawing. If you want to make a drawing with an anime face that you can color or paint afterward, you don’t need to make shadows.

Pencil drawings – Girl with long hair

Another pencil drawing that you can easily make is a drawing with a long-haired girl. In the following video drawing tutorial, I show you how to draw a manga girl with wavy hair. After making the face, eyes, nose, and mouth, you can focus on drawing each strand of hair. Pay attention to the way you make the shadows because they will give the impression of wavy and shiny hair. Watch the video below to better understand:

Anime face pencil drawing with tails

A more playful easy girl drawing is the tutorial with a manga girl with tails. What creates dynamism in this drawing is the way the tails and strands of hair are drawn to give the impression of the wind blowing in the girl’s hair. For more details follow the tutorial below:

Pencil drawing with a girl with hair on her eyes

The following easy girl drawing is more interesting by its nature. In this easy girl drawing, we make a girl with big eyes in Japanese style, with the bangs covering one of her eyes. This aspect gives the final drawing mystery and romance specific to Japanese series and anime. What is easier to achieve in this drawing is the fact that you have to draw one eye and you do not need to worry that it will not look the same with the second eye. Let’s see how we can make this drawing.

Drawing of a girl with a hood and cat ears

A trend among cartoons and not only are cat ears. For this easy girl drawing, I made a manga girl with a voluminous hood that also contains cute cat ears. To combine the hood with the girl’s hair, first, draw a part of the bangs and then the hood from the top. This way you will avoid drawing your hair and then wiping the part that is hidden in the hood. Let’s see step by step, in the following video:

Drawing with a winking girl

A happier easy girl drawing is a smiling face that winks. Remember that certain elements of the face are what will make the difference between the various drawings you make. If all the drawings have the same eyes and just smile, it will be difficult to differentiate the way they are. But if you want to show different qualities of their personalities, it is important to add unique expressions and things to each drawing. The way he smiles and the expression on his face can show an extroverted, cheerful, and friendly nature.

I hope you like these easy girl drawing and that these video tutorials will help you draw cute and interesting anime girls. Also, here you can find pencil drawing tutorials and home improvements.

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How to draw in 2 planes

3D images shot in two planes are very efficient. The illusion of volume is manifested due to the distortion of the image at an angle to the fold line of the sheet and changes in proportions.

3D scale

You need enough paper or thin cardboard.

3D drawings on paper for beginners must be made in strict compliance with all parameters and calculations.

Step by step:

  1. Before starting work, it is necessary to indicate where the bending will be.
  2. On both sides of this line, draw a ladder with horizontal beams at an angle.
  3. Connect the ends of the stairs with straight lines, between them repeat the sleepers – this will be a shadow.
  4. Stairs should be brighter than shadows!
  5. Fold the sheet and find a viewing angle at which the scale will look flat. In this case, the shadow will remain on the “wall” and “floor”.

Volumetric house

Step by step:

  1. Fold the sheet, mark the fold with a dotted line.
  2. Draw two perpendicular lines by bending towards you. The horizontal line is a little longer – this is the edge of the wall on which there will be a window, the vertical will be divided into two parts when the sheet is bent, while the bottom will become the foundation, the threshold will be placed on it, and the top it will turn into the edge of the wall with the door.
  3. From the resulting right-angle draw, a line upwards at an angle of 35-45 degrees, which does not reach the elbow by almost a third of the height. Construct a parallel segment from the far-right point of the horizontal line. Two corners of the house are marked.
  4. Next, draw a wall with a window, given the changed proportions.
  5. When the paper bends, part of the image disappears from view. Therefore, the door at the end of the house should be drawn with a stump. Most are located under the fold; the left side is almost half the right length.
  6. From the folding line, continue the door with a deviation to the left almost at right angles.
  7. Finish the roof. The angle between the roof and the nearest edge of the house is about 160-170 degrees, the roof continues almost to the wall. Mark the end of the roof above the fold. Connect at the bottom. At this stage, it has the shape of a trapezoid, the lower corner of which is at the point of bending of the sheet.
  8. Add a window, the outlines of which correspond to the edges of the wall.
  9. The right third of the opening is dark. On the left, draw a dark door for distortion.
  10. Fold the page, find the angle of the reviews at which the roof looks triangular. Apply chiaroscuro, designate the details of the cast of home improvements.
  11. Add a shade from the house.

I’m looking forward to drawing!