Design your studio apartment to make it look cute and cozy

DO you want to Design your studio apartment to make it look cute and cozy? Whether you are a student or a working professional who needs less space, a studio apartment is the newest trend when it comes to designs. The functional yet awe-inspiring designs that are seen in studio apartments are enough to leave you mesmerized. A lot of concepts that were originally curated for studio apartments are now being incorporated into bigger apartments and homes. The sofa cum bed is an example of such work of brilliance. When it comes to furnishing a studio apartment, the very basic and very necessary take precedence. Let us take a look at a few things that can transform the space without intimidating it.

Design your studio apartment to make it look cute and cozy

Use the loft or get a room divider

The beauty of a studio apartment is that it is compact and you do not have much scope to furnish. But this also means that there is a lack of privacy when you are entertaining guests. For this purpose, it is wise to get a room divider. You can get a bookshelf, a showcase, or a TV Unit to create a divide between 2 parts of a room. This makes sure you get privacy and you have extra shelves to display some of your collections! If there is a loft in your apartment, then you can fashion a bedroom on the loft and utilize the area below as the living area.

Get a comfortable sofa

If you have the required space, then getting a sofa and a bed is the preferred option. However, in any case, it is wise to get a sofa design that is comfortable enough to sleep on. This can serve as a guest bed when people are visiting. The sofa design also impacts the rest of the apartment. If there is no more space for other furniture then the sofa might be the only place along with a couple of chairs where you can arrange for seating of visitors.

Invest in good lighting

Studio apartments rarely have the scope for the dark spots to remain. This is why getting lighting in proper places is very important in a studio apartment. Yellow cove lights add to the ambiance, whereas white and bright lights are recommended above the kitchen counter. The lighting of each corner in the apartment should be need-based and go along with the rest of the lighting when all of it is switched on together.

Bed and storage

Getting a comfortable bed is a top priority for any homeowner. In a studio apartment, the storage places are lesser and that is why it is recommended you get a box bed or a bed with space under it to make sure you get additional space. These are useful to store travel bags or blankets, and any other item that is rarely used. Storage is a never-ending problem in most homes. Shelves in walls, closets behind folding tables, storage above kitchen cupboards, and other such options are smart ways to store your belongings.