Baby Shower Party Décor

For any parents-to-be, a Baby Shower presents a fabulous opportunity to meet and share happiness with close ones. It has become a common ritual that loved ones organize a baby shower party to welcome a new family member and have a joyful celebration to cherish parenthood. 

Whether you’re throwing a baby shower for a mom-to-be or hosting it for yourself, you should celebrate this milestone of life in style. After all, a baby boy or girl could be an ideal excuse to have a laugh and create beautiful memories with your beloved ones. You don’t have to spend more and have a grand soiree every time, instead, you can use wholesale ribbon and other craft supplies to create an inspiring work of art. 

Are you planning for a baby shower party and don’t know where to start? This guide will take you through creative and adorable baby shower party décor ideas that will impress mom-to-be in your life. Let’s begin! 


1. Welcome Baby Banner 

In addition to wholesome meals and tasty treats, a baby shower-themed party should be your core focus. You can use some creativity to create personalized welcome banners to welcome your guests with warmth and affection. Simply grab your favorite craft items and get ready to create an inviting atmosphere around your place. 

2. Photo Backdrop 

Family and friends always love posing to capture memorable moments together in front of a DIY photo wall. For this, it is great to set up a fancy backdrop of vivid flowers that you and your guests can use as a photo backdrop. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? 

3. Gender Reveal Art and Craft 

If the gender of the baby has been kept secretive until now, let mommy-to-be share the good news in a whimsical manner on the occasion of a baby shower. You can make some cute diaper cards that everyone can open at the same time to reveal the baby’s gender. 

4. Chalkboard Globe 

It’s time to take out your ordinary globe and turn it into a chalkboard for a decorative snack table. You can write the messages on it that you want to convey and add other elements to enhance its look and feel altogether.  

5. Diaper Cake Centerpiece 

Any mom-to-be will love to see a diaper cake centerpiece as a part of a gift in a baby shower event. You simply need a diaper, ribbons, and tape to put it together, and trust us; it takes less time-consuming than a regular cake. For a more visual appeal, place this centerpiece on beautiful tableclothsand chair covers to capture everyone’s attention. 

6. Baby Block Décor 

It is great to make giant baby block decorations using cardboard boxes. This décor can also be used as a party prop or photo background. You can put these fancy blocks behind the mom-to-be when she opens her gifts and treats. You can also write heartfelt messages or say ‘welcome oh baby’ in a unique style. 

7. Fun and Creative Balloons 

The baby shower seems incomplete without the baby’s favorite things like candies and balloons. So don’t forget to incorporate balloons into your decorations for a more cheerful and exciting theme. You can take ordinary balloons and enhance their appearance by painting them in soft pastels. You can place this piece of art around the snack and gift tables to delight mother-to-be and your guests.  


There is no better chance than a Baby Shower celebration to showcase your creative side and amuse mom-to-be and your guests. One of the best ways to add your own personality is creating DIY craft projects at home with a few items like ribbons, fabrics, tablecloths, covers, and more.  

You can take inspiration from the above-listed baby shower party ideas and host a soiree for parents-to-be that will be remembered for years to come.